For those who don’t know me and for those who want to know me better :P

Hi! My name is Dobro :) I am a music journalist and I have my own radio show called DobroBeat. The show is 3 years old and it’s about electronic pop music, inspired by the 80’s and whatever good music I come across, but still in this electro pop area. The show is currently on hiatus, but soon we’ll be starting off again :) Here is the FB page of my show, where you can listen to the newest and some older good songs:

and here you can listen to some archive podcasts:

I also do handmade clothes and accessories and it’s knitwear or “crochetwear” ;) And I think I will also post the pictures of it here, but definitely you can see everything I make on my another FB page. Feel free to cantact me if you me to knit you something nice :)

Another thing that will be appearing on this blog is what I think about different things – so, the basic role of any kind of blog :P I will be posting probably only good and positive stuff so don’t worry :D

Tymczasem u Dobro

No i padło i na mnie! :D

Taaak, dorobiłam się własnego bloga ;) Teraz ci, którzy tak dzielnie mnie do tego namawiali, mogą sobie pogratulować i wykonać niegdyś sławny gest “Yes! Yes! Yes!” :P

Expect the unexpected!

Tymczasem – idę uczyć się blogowego ekshibicjonizmu ;)